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Morrine Omollo

Fairleigh Dickinson Uni. , Kenya, Class of (2008)


MS.Food Science

Current Occupation



I am a Schlumberger Fellow,pursuing a PhD in Microbial Systems Biology at the University of Minnesota,Twin Cities.For this project,I’m building a computer model to investigate the global metabolic capacity of E.coli O104:H4 (caused the 2011 German outbreak,and suspected to have originated from Egypt).I seek to understand in silico how this microbe metabolizes its food sources,the genes and metabolites involved and potential targets for drug therapy.Predictions from the models will be compared to actual laboratory results and the model refined until an optimum solution for the biomass equation is reached.

After completion of my PhD studies,I plan to return home to teach and conduct research in Food Microbiology.I also intend to participate in the Kenyan food safety system of and apply my microbiology and systems biology knowledge towards improving Kenya’s food security.

I continue to inspire and encourage young girls and women interested in STEM fields to follow through.This path is less travel,especially by women from developing countries.However,those that do choose science,technology,engineering and math should know that theirs is tremendous support and the added responsibility of mentoring other women.

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