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Mercy Rialem

Meredith College , Kenya, Class of (2013)

Current Occupation



I am currently in my junior year at Meredith College pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Business Administration. I have a deep passion for technology and specifically for software development. Computer science projects challenge me intellectually, enhance my problem solving and analytical abilities, and bring out the creativity in me. It has sparked a fire in me to always be working towards developing solutions for problems that arise. I hope to get into a software engineering role after I graduate college then proceed to do Masters in Software engineering. Apart from class work, I am actively involved in activities across campus. I am currently the President of Meredith International Association which has huge presence on campus.I am an active member of Broyhill Program and Student Business Advisory Board.Not only that, I tutor Trigonometry, Algebra, Programming, and Calculus classes at the Meredith Learning Center. Being involved in all these activities, in and out of class, and maintaining two jobs has broadened my skill set in terms of proper planning, organization, prioritizing, effective leadership, and efficient use of time. They have contributed in enriching my wealth of knowledge and expanding my horizon. I love reading various genres of books, hiking, cycling, and hanging out with friends.

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