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Lydiah Mpyisi

Roanoke College , Kenya, Class of (2012)


Bachelors of Science in Biology (pre-med) and Environmental Science

Current Occupation



I am in my second semester of my junior year in undergraduate. I work at the Information Technology Office, I am a teaching assistant for cell biology lab, and I am taking part in a biochemistry research project that aims at characterizing the four types of glutamine synthetase proteins, which are potential targets for antibiotics against Mycobacterium tuberculosis (causes tuberculosis disease)

I am currently preparing to take the MCAT exams because I plan to apply to medical schools this summer. My plan is to attend a medical school and pursue an M.D/MPH degree. My aspiration is to specialize in infectious diseases and to champion the creation of proper sanitation and hygiene facilities in the slums in developing counties.‚Äč

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