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Angelar Muthike

Spelman College , Kenya, Class of (2013)



Current Occupation

Spelman Student Ambassador, Research and Research Analyst with Chen Research Group


I am an all rounded person trying to merge all kinds of career and life goals that I have. This has led to my involvement in different activities on and off campus. I have interned as a radio show host and all my shows were aimed at educating, empowering, engaging, and entertaining the New Americans. I have also participated in civic engagement activities and have presented my policy-war on poverty- to different leaders in the Capitol Hill and the Whitehouse. Currently, I am an active Spelman Student Ambassador serving as an hostess and volunteer for the office of admissions here is Spelaman College, conducting tours and acquainting prospective students to campus services and activities. In addition to these, I intern as a researcher and a research analyst in Chen Research Group focussing on High Resolution Coherent 2D and 3D Spectroscopy. I also do research with Pearl: The Spelman Lidar Project by studying air quality, cloud patterns, planetary boundary layer height and stratification, and meteorology, all in the lower regions of the atmosphere.

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