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Agnes Mathenge

Hofstra University , Kenya, Class of (2009)


BSc.Mathematical Business Economics, MSc Development Studies

Current Occupation

Economic Development Specialist


I am part of the Zawadi class of 2013 that was ushered into a new world of immense opportunities and possibilities.

The journey began at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York, where my intellectual curiosity was piqued and the world became a canvas to chart the course of my career life. I majored in Mathematical Business Economics with a minor in Global Studies because it enabled me to combine my inquisitiveness, the desire to understand and solve the economic challenges I grew up seeing in Kenya in the grand scale of world economies.

During this time I was  a fellow at the Centre for Civic Engagement at Hofstra University where we worked to invigorate Hofstra Students and the surrounding Long Island community to pay attention to emerging and ongoing political,economic and social issues.I also held various internships including: one with Documenting Diversity facilitated by Rosenthal Foundation and the Global Environment Technology Foundation. In 2014,I pursued my postgraduate degree at the renowned School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London,where I had the opportunity to actively think of what development would mean for Africa and specifically Kenya. This educational experience taught me to think critically, appreciate the progress we have made as a country and continent and also continue working to find practical and lasting solutions to the challenges we face.

I currently work for one of the largest Aid for Trade Organisations,specifically to find out how the private sector can also boost trade and investments within the East Africa region.

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