Dr. Susan Mboya’s Words of Wisdom to Meredith College 2014 Graduates

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    • 2016-03-04

“Your generation is coming of age at a time when women’s empowerment is also finally coming of age. By now it should be clear to you that life is not linear; it takes many twists and turns. And there is no corporate ladder, rather there is a corporate lattice for most women, and you must decide when you want to take the on-ramp back onto a career, or some other satisfying occupation, and when you want to move sideways rather than up. Empowerment is about having the choice to define for yourselves what your version of success looks like at any stage of your life.”

– Susan Mboya,                                                                                                                    President Coca-Cola Foundation                                                                                  Zawadi Africa Founder

At Meredith College 2014 Commencement.



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